A long gray day – OCT Day 13

Florence to Tahkenitch Campground in the Oregon Dunes Mileage - 18.5 Anticipated mileage - 14 Accumulated elevation gain - 747 ft Pain status - pretty much none Today's word of the day is monochrome. 13.5 miles of today's 18.5 were on the beach, in a misty cloud where everything was gray. You could barely tell... Continue Reading →


Another awesome day – OCT Day 8

Lincoln City to Beverly Beach State Park Expected miles - 20 Actual miles - 22.5 Accumulated elevation gain - 1348 ft Pain status - bruised heels but really feeling pretty great Note: 22.5 miles is a long day. Lots of stuff to see! Therefore, this is a long post. You don't have to read it... Continue Reading →

A note from home

Mo's usual spot is on the cushy dog bed in the dining room, resting her old bones. When I'm not home, she lies near the door waiting for me. I've been gone for 7 days and she is still waiting for me. 

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