Not every day can be your favorite day – OCT Day 21

  • Brookings Inn Resort to Brookings Riverside RV Resort
  • Mileage – 3.1
  • Accumulated elevation gain – 189 ft
  • Pain status – none

I have a lot of favorites – Rocks! Trails! Trails overlooking beaches! Secret Beach! Bandon! I also have a least favorite – and that was Day 21. We still had a ton of fun and laughs, and it was still better than being at work (no offense, work friends!), and still a good day, but I was itching to go, go, go and we had a rest day instead. 

A number of factors created this rest day, primarily the fact that there is a 30+ mile stretch of coast near Pistol River that has no state parks, no camping, and no towns. It was the one place on our agenda with a “?” for where we would stay. The writer of the guidebook did this section by hiking halfway, having someone take her back to where she started that day, and then the next day had someone drive her to the point she had reached the previous day. This was not a viable option for us. No towns means no taxis. No busses run on weekends. Hitching for 5 people I s almost impossible and to rely on it twice in a row would be foolish. 

So, instead, we used the busses during the weekdays to fast forward to get to Brookings a day earlier leaving us a Saturday with no destination other than to get back to our reserved campsite at Harris Beach State Park, a mile before Brookings. 

We looked at options for finishing early and spending a day in Portland, but changing our planned rental car date, and changing our hotel in Crescent City and adding a hotel in Portland all were too expensive to be worth the change, so a rest day in Brookings it was. 

We decided to do some laundry so we’d have some normal-smelling clothes for our flight home on Monday. First, we walked to the store and bought another puzzle and dinner for the campground. 

At the hotel, getting our crap together: 

Walking to laundry, not quite as cute as our other laundry day:

Laundry puzzle:

Laundry and puzzle done, it was now time to go get pizza for lunch! My favorite part of the day! We were heading to Wild River Pizza, 2 miles up the road. On our way there, a woman came up to us and said “I know Christy! And Jill!” and she gave Christy a hug. It was someone from Phoenix! Cathryn was the work partner of Christy’s husband for many years. She also lived in our rental house many, many years ago. I hadn’t seen her in probably 10 years! She is spending the summer vacation driving up the coast in their RV. She has been reading my blog so she had no trouble recognizing my bright-ass yellow shirt as we crossed the street. What a crazy coincidence that we were in the same spot in Oregon at the same exact time!!

We invited them to join us for lunch, and they did. It was so much fun catching up with her and getting to know her man, Steve, and his daughter McKenna. And lunch was yummy. We have not had a bad meal in this state!!

During lunch it was discussed that we could find a place to stay near where we were so we wouldn’t have to backtrack 3 miles back to Harris Beach State Park. I voted that we stay with the plan, so I could get some more walking in for the day, and because we’d also be taking 2 miles off tomorrow’s total, too. Yes, they would be junk miles as we have already covered them, but miles are miles and I didn’t want to lose any. Again I was in the minority. So instead we stayed at Riverside RV Resort, which was a delightful little place.

We crossed back over the Chetco River. Pretty!

Our tent site:

After we were set up, we walked to a nearby convenience store. On the way back we could see our resort and our tents from up on the road. So cute!!

The best part of our little resort was a private park on the river. We sat there and watched pelicans dive bombing for anchovies. There were even some otters playing. 

It really was a delightful place! 

Tomorrow is our last day of hiking. I’m very sad about this. This has been such an awesome trip! 


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