Fun with hiking poles – OCT Day 19

  • Humbug Mountain State Park to Gold Coast
  • Mileage – 16
  • Accumulated elevation gain – 825 ft
  • Pain status – my ankle tendon was starting to hurt at the very end

The last week of our trip is becoming an American re-do of last year’s Central America adventure. We had 9 days to get from Belize to Panama, by any means of transportation we could find, while having the most fun we could find along the way.  

Tonight’s stop was Gold Beach, approximately 28 miles away. We found a bus that goes down the coast. You can call them and tell them where you’ll be and they will make a stop for you. That was our plan to fast forward 12 miles. 

While waiting for the bus, the fun with sticks began. The point of this game was to pick up a rock using the points of the hiking poles and toss the rock so your teammate could catch it. It was a lot harder than it sounds. Luckily the bus came before anyone got hurt. 

The bus driver knew where there was an OCT trailhead, about a mile before where we planned to get off. She dropped us here at Ophir Trail:

It took us right down to the very windy beach. The beach, as we had been told is the case in southern Oregon, was course and deep, making progress a bit tougher.

We only had about 2 miles of beach walking before we exited at Nesika Beach. 

We walked through the small town, which was mainly a grouping of beachfront houses. At the far end of town there was a little market that had a sign out front that advertised homemade salsa. Nesika Beach Market:We put together some lunches and ate at the little table out front. The store clerk asked us to put the beers in brown paper sacks because the market isn’t licensed for consumption. Looking like winos:My tasty lunch of chips and salsa, cheese and crackers and chocolate milk:

From the town of Nesika Beach we took the old Coast Highway which is now a gravel road. 

We played a game of “what activities can Rhonda do with hiking poles?” You’d be surprised at how many you can do! 🙂 A few examples – Baseball:Shooting:

We came upon a little place that had a donkey and a pony. As we were saying hi to them, two dogs came sprinting toward us. A big husky shepherd mix sprinted at Mike, stopping just a few feet from him, barking a very loud and adamant “stay away or else!” warning. He was pretty scary. The border collie sprinted even faster right at Miranda, skidded to a stop at her feet and said,  “Hi! Hi, stranger! Hi! Please pet me!” He said hi to all of us, running herding circles around us. It was pretty comical that one dog was herding us in while the other dog was ferociously keeping us away. We passed their house without incident but the border collie trotted along with us for awhile. 

From the old highway, we crossed the current highway and took a trail (trails are my favorite!) back to the beach. 

The game this time was for Miranda to spear a kelp ball on her pole and fling it as far as it would go. 

I spent the beach miles writing my blog and updating pictures. It’s kind of hard to blog on the phone so by the time I finish, I’m too done to bother proof reading. Typos courtesy of beach walking:You can see that it was still quite windy. The stripes of dry sand are actually in motion, blowing past us. 

It was a bit harder to blog when the beach turned into rocks. 

Alone on the beach was this huge tree stump. Like one we had seen previously, we wondered if it was driftwood, which we see a ton of, or if it actually was once alive there. Trees don’t grow on the beach and driftwood doesn’t usually look like this so we had no final answer. There were all sorts of rocks in the top and in the roots so we each added our color rock to it for good luck. 

We walked the beach to the jetty at the Rogue River. There were seals playing where the river met the ocean. 

It was so windy, our visors were in danger of flying away. 

We took this bridge into the town of Gold Beach. 

We were going to stop at Arch Rock Brewing near our campsite for dinner but found out when we stopped at the Visitors center to pee that they are a production facility only with no food. There was also a bar near our campsite but the visitor center folks called and verified that they don’t allow minors. The visitor center suggested Sunset Family Pizza instead. They serve Arch Rock beers and as we found out, really yummy pizza and wings. 

We stayed for awhile recharging both our electronics and our bodies. 

It was 2 more miles up to Turtle Rock RV Resort. On the way, we stopped at a grocery store for some fruit for breakfast. 

We turned into camp at this pretty rock which I haven’t been able to figure out the name of. Some campers said it is Turtle Rock which would make sense because the RV Resort is named for it, but I just don’t see a turtle here: 

Our tent site at the RV Resort, conveniently located by the restrooms and showers:

I can’t believe we have only 3 days left. This makes me very sad. I wish we had more time so we could properly hike all the miles of the trail. I wish we had more time because I am having so much fun!!!


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