Don’t be fooled by the sun – Brrr! – OCT Day 18

  • Cape Blanco to Humbug Mountain State Park
  • Mileage – 11
  • Accumulated elevation gain – 838 ft
  • Pain status – none!

We woke up to a sunny day! A freezing cold, windy, sunny day. We left the campground and came to this beautiful part of the park overlooking the sea. It’s so nice when there isn’t any fog so you can see how beautiful Oregon is!

It’s so cold, my winter hat was necessary! 

We took a steep road down to the beach. We ran into another escaped PCT-hiker. He let us know we’d have to wade a river that was about thigh deep. 

Beach walking:

The wind was raging, but we didn’t mind so much because it was at our backs. When a big gust would come up, Miranda would say “Wind burst! Use it!”, and we’d all hurtle forward. 

We got to the river and it was no longer thigh deep. It was more like you’re-only-option-is-to-swim-across deep. Here is Mike in the shallow part. His next step was going to be waist deep and it still got deeper after that. And he is a foot taller than me!

Thwarted yet again. This trip might need to be renamed “You Can’t Get There From Here.” We had two choices – wait a few hours for low tide, or return to camp and call our personal chauffeur to drive us around. I was in the minority (of one) for wanting to wait it out. Admittedly, getting plummeted by blowing sand like we were was not fun. 

So we headed back into this: ​

​It was rough! But I think the constant microderm abrasion from the sand whipping against my face got rid of all my wrinkles! Making lemonade from lemons….

We arranged for Jim to pick us up from our campsite. It was about ten degrees with a wind chill of zero, even in the sun (hyperbole, but it WAS really cold). Huddled around the power source, writing the blog:

We had Jim drop us off at TJs cafe in Port Orford. 

It’s been over a week since I’ve had a cheeseburger, and these particular ones were wholesome so I got one! 

It was a short walk through the small town of Port Orford to get back on the beach. We didn’t have to wonder where to find an ocean view:

Beautiful beach:

We had to wade a river, which we are getting pretty darn good at!  (When they are shallow, that is.)

Then we had to scramble across Rocky Point. This was the longest rock scramble we have had to do, so there are a lot of pictures of us doing it. 

There was a small path after Rocky Point that led up to the highway, and then almost immediately to the turnoff for our destination, Humbug Mountain State Park. 

And across the highway from that, an OCT sign! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one. They seem to put them only on trails but not on beaches or the highway. 

We hiked 2.5 miles on what used to be the Coast Highway. We were finally away from the beach so it was warming up and the wind toned itself down a bit. It was an awesome hike with these views:A view made even better by adding in these yahoos:

The campsite was great! We got a huge spot right by the entrance. We chatted with a girl who rode up on a bike who was biking from San Francisco to Glacier National Park. She rode off to the hiker/biker campsite but almost immediately returned beacause it was full. We invited her to stay in our site. Her name is Allison. 

We talked a lot about all sorts of things. In the course of conversation she said that she doesn’t know how it is for our generation but for her generation… And that’s when I realized that even though I feel young, people see us as old. 😦

Allison had been traveling with a Canadian couple but they had opted to take a shorter day so she was alone. But about an hour later, a couple pulled up on a tandem bike. It was her friends who pushed through after all. 

We invited Nick and Lou to join us. They are from Montreal and were biking from San Fran to Vancouver. We hosted our own little hiker/biker camp! 

Dinner with the whole big group:
The girls camping in the site next to us were toasting marshmallows. Nick, with his French accent, went over there to see if they’d give us some. They gave him the rest of their bag AND a plate of pancakes! What a win!! 

A very good end to a challenging morning! 


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