A really good day! – OCT Day 16

  • Sunset Bay State Park to Bullard Beach State Park
  • Mileage – 12.1
  • Accumulated elevation gain – 635 ft
  • Pain status – I have tweaked my right ankle a little 

It started as a very foggy day. We learned that even when it’s nice inland, it’s foggy at the ocean. Our trail angel, Karen, came to pick us up as promised! She even brought us bananas! The plan was for her to take us from the campground back out to Seven Devil’s Road, a three mile stretch we had hiked in last night. Backtracking is pretty demoralizing so we were very excited to not have to do it. There is another option to hike over Cape Arago but Karen and the guy working at the campground said it’s steep and dangerous and goes through private land, so we chose to go around.

Mike and I took the first ride. When we got to Seven Devils Road, Karen asked if she could take us a bit further. The road is pretty much exactly like evil Libby Road from yesterday – fast moving cars, no shoulder, blind curves, so we said yes. She took us to our turn-off spot which ended up being about 9 miles. Karen is a really cool lady. She is a retired marine biologist. Her husband is a retired pilot. She goes on multiday sailing trips on their sailboat. She’s got a 5-day kayaking trip planned for this summer. They are thinking about coming to Arizona for the winter. I hope they do so we can take them out to dinner. 

She dropped us off and went back to get Rhonda, Christy and Miranda. Miranda’s knee has been hurting pretty badly, so Christy was going to call her a taxi to take her to our next campground. Karen offered to take her instead. Karen is the best! 


Our team selfie with Karen:

Karen had warned us that our next leg of Seven Devils Road was closed. We hoped it was closed to cars only and we were going to cross our fingers and try it. Something had to go our way sometime, right? The alternative to go around added way too many miles. 

About a mile in we came to this landslide. 

It’s not passable by car but no problem for a few hikers to climb over and around. 

It was so nice to have an entire road to ourselves. No cars to worry about! 

The road was also washed out further on.

There was a crew working on repairing it. After that point we did have to watch out for the three dump trucks going back and forth. 

The weather had been fairly nice for the road portion of our hike, as we weren’t on the ocean. At the end of the road was Seven Devils State Park. 

As we turned in, the wind started up and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. The park had picnic tables we could have sat at for lunch but the only place out of the wind was on the back of the restroom building. 

This area of beach is known for its rocks. People come here to look for agates, jasper, and other rocks whose names I don’t recall. So many colors of rocks! 

This rock has a smiley face! 

The beach was very foggy. 

A bit further down, same scene. 

We did have a few river crossings. These were a bit more challenging than our previous ones, especially for Mike as he has no balance. On one particularly high log that we used to cross, Rhonda’s instruction to Mike was “just balance on it!”. He says this is pretty much like telling her to “just do calculus on it!” He made it through all of the crossings without getting wet feet so all was good. 

The fog started to lift a bit as we reached Fivemile point. There was mist still hanging around the ground. 

I loved this part of the beach! So many awesome rocks! I love rocks so you now get a bunch of cool pictures of them:

As you can tell from all the pictures, we had been the only ones on the beach for this whole time. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I was weaving my way through the rocks and this guy was right at my side! 

That was Sky. He and his person were out for a walk. His person is a boat captain who just returned to Oregon from a year in Bahrain. 

Just after that we saw two guys setting up for kite surfing. They drove one car a few miles down the beach so they wouldn’t have to walk back at the end of their sail. (surf? ride?) We saw them surf past us and come out at the end of their run. It looked very fun, but not my kind of fun. I didn’t get any pictures of them surfing because it was too foggy to see them very well. 

Since we cut off so much road walking at the beginning, we were making great time. We were going to make it into camp hours before our usual 7:00 pm arrival. We made plans to taxi to Brandon for dinner at Bandon Brewing Co. This made us pretty giddy. We worked on some alliteration and came up with “Bitch Basket, the Bacons and their besties left Bullard Beach, but not by bus, for Bandon to buy beer at Bandon Brewing.” Nice, huh?!

After about 6 miles of beach walking, we reached the turnoff for our campground. As we crossed the dunes, the fog dissipated and the temperature went up a quick 10 degrees. 

A cool bridge leading to the campground. 

We reunited with a well-rested Miranda and checked into our yurt. Home is where the yurt is! 

We took a taxi into town. At Karen’s suggestion we stopped by Face Rock Creamery where they make cheese and ice cream. We were able to sample all the cheeses. I highly recommend everyone go here! It was awesome!! There was a board describing your personality type based on your favorite cheese. I like goat cheese – how appropriate! Rhonda, Mike and Christy had beer and wine. Miranda got ice cream. I bought some cheese curds. Yum!

We then went for pizza and they tried some different beers at Bandon Brewing Company. The pizza was delicious. 

Back to the yurt for our last yurt stay. Can you tell which of these people had adult beverages at dinner? 


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  1. I have enjoyed reading your adventure blog and seeing all of the pictures. It is very warm here in PHX, so seeing the fog and mist along the Oregon coast has been very nice.


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