A very pretty highway – OCT Day 14

  • Tahkenitch Campground to Oregon Dunes KOA
  • Mileage – 13.2
  • Accumulated elevation gain – 723 ft
  • Pain status – the skin on my hips is torn up again. Nice weather means no puffy coat barrier to pad the hip belt. 

The original plan for today was to walk south down the beach to Winchester Bay and have a boat take us across, then keep walking down the beach to our campground. We called the number in the guidebook 2 days in advance but no one answered and no one returned our calls. Rather than walk 6 miles to find ourselves stranded and forced to backtrack, we changed the planned course to walk around Winchester Bay via the highway instead. The new plan added quite a bit of mileage making it about 28 miles to our destination. That kind of mileage is not quite achievable by our group so we found a taxi company that serviced our planned route. 

We were happy to leave MosquitoLand.

It was a very uneventful day on the highway, thank goodness! The biggest happening of the day was the emergence of the SUN! Hurray, sun!!! 

It was a very pretty stretch of highway. There are a lot of lakes in the Oregon dunes area.  

We went through a town called Gardner that was very Twilight-zonish. There were houses and cars but even on a very nice Saturday, there were no people anywhere. There were two art galleries but no other businesses. And NO people. 

We had lunch in Reedsport, a cute town that actually had people. Afterwards, we stopped at Safeway to get a lighter for the fire. They were barbecuing pork ribs and giving free samples out front. Score! 

When we got to Winchester Bay, we headed out to see the bay. More pretty:

We stopped for drinks at a bar/restaurant called DD’s and called the taxi to come get us there and take us to the KOA. I had a few more miles in me, though not quite enough to get to 28, however splitting up from the group would have been logistically and financially challenging. 

At DD’s we met a couple who escaped the snow-covered PCT and were hiking the OCT instead. We would meet a lot more in upcoming days. 

It’s Dunes Week and it’s Saturday so the Oregon Dunes KOA was packed with ATV enthusiasts. We were the only ones in the park without one. 

It was a great park with a great campsite. The sun was shining. We made a fire. They had an ice cream social for $3.50. We ate Mountain House meals, my first ever. We were happy. 

Until bedtime, that is. Then I was not happy! Quiet time at the camp is 10:00 pm. Our neighbors brought their ATVs back to camp, roaring within feet of my tent at 10:15. At 10:45 they started chopping wood, or banging blocks together, or something really loud. Then they stayed up partying by the fire until 2:07 am. I know this because I was awake with them. After midnight they weren’t that loud, but I still couldn’t sleep with their voices, in the same way I can’t sleep with tv on. My friend Kiri, who knows a lot about this kind of stuff (and about a lot about most everything) has diagnosed me with Sensory Processing Disorder, which is probably a made up thing but sounds accurate to me. πŸ™‚ I turned on my white noise app and put my phone right by my ear, yet still couldn’t stop hearing their voices. What was really annoying was that they weren’t even having fun. They didn’t ever laugh. Why not just go to bed??? I had a rough night.  <end rant>


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  1. Sensory processing disorder is very real and knowing you (although maybe not as well as Kari) is spot onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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